Roberson Clinical Services (Home) 

Outpatient psychotherapy/counseling services are provided for adolescent and adult patients within the Greater Phoenix area.  Individual patients or families are carefully directed toward problem resolution, rational thinking, acquisition of new skills, and desired changes in living, relationships, and educational or career changes.

Typical Issues Addressed Through Therapy
Adjustment Difficulties
Posttraumatic Stress
Family/Parenting Issues
Social Disorders                
Work Stress/Turmoil      
Emotional Difficulties   
School/College Completion
Attention-Deficit & Hyperactivity

Services Provided
Cognitive Counseling (brief)       
Insight Counseling (long term)   
Ericksonian Therapy
Family Systems Therapy     
Eye Movement Therapy    
Brief Testing                                     

Psychological Evaluations
The Psychological evaluations now completed by Dr. Roberson are clinical in nature, often focusing on conditions which require a medical consult.   This type of evaluation requires interviews and from 2 to 4 hours of testing, and may require an equal number of hours for report writing.  The evaluations begin with a one-hour interview for the collection of history and records.  The evaluation may cover specific concerns such as anxiety, depression, attention difficulties, hyperactivity, impulsiveness, memory concerns, and many other disorders. Such evaluations are sometimes covered by insurance.  Dr. Roberson is not doing educational evaluations at this time.