Roberson Clinical Services (Home) 

Dr. Joseph Roberson's background leads to a natural specialty of working with teens and younger adults, and he works well with active adults ranging in age to near retirement.  Psychotherapy/counseling services are provided for individual patients or families.  Patients are carefully directed toward problem resolution, rational thinking, acquisition of skills, and toward desired improvements in personal growth, general living, and educational and/or career improvements.  Typical issues addressed are listed below.

Typical Issues Addressed Through Therapy
Adjustment Difficulties
Post-traumatic Stress
Family/Parenting Issues
Social Disorders                
Work Stress/Turmoil      
Emotional Difficulties   
School/College Completion
Attention-Deficit & Hyperactivity

Services Provided
Traditional Psychotherapy        
Cognitive Counseling (brief)    
Insight Counseling
Ericksonian Therapy                     
Family Systems Therapy       
EMDR (Eye Movement)            
Brief Evaluations